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Technology has transformed how services are being delivered in different service sectors. In the healthcare industry, technology has enhanced the delivery of medical care exponentially. As healthcare professionals face a growing population of patients with distinct needs, technology creates ways for easier care and treatment administration. 

In a 2017 survey, up to 77% of patients considered seeing a provider virtually. For providers who want to gain competitive edge, the rising demand for virtual care services could signal potential growth for their practice.

Virtual care technology allows healthcare professionals to check-in on their patients any time and from any location through answering their inquiries online, phone consultations, and video-facilitated visits. The technology carries advantages on both ends, as the burden and expenses of traveling to and from the doctor’s clinic or the patient’s home are omitted. But apart from convenience, the technology has additional benefits for those in the medical practice.

Virtual care technology improves the overall productivity of the staff or physician. The technology enables healthcare providers to handle more patients versus when they physically conduct check-ups and visits. This makes for a bigger patient base, without any compromise on the quality of care provided.

Healthcare providers can also attend to patient queries and identify emerging conditions of patients in real-time. This instant access to medical attention allows for easier prognosis or diagnosis of a patient’s condition. This means that a patient’s problem can be handled in a timely and cost-effective way.  

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Chikee Tiu

Chikee Tiu

Antoinette Tiu started writing as a student journalist at age 11. Ten years later, she still finds herself at the service of creating meaningful content for her readers. When she isn’t writing, you can find her finishing an oil painting, taking portraits and stories of locals (wherever she may be based), or recreating runway looks on her Instagram.