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This is the continuation of a two-part blog about the benefits of hiring virtual medical assistants for your medical practice. For this part, we are going to tackle how medical VAs prove to contribute in the mobility of healthcare services by utilizing different medical-related softwares or applications. This will also discuss how VMAs of Xilium make use of their skills and traits in accomplishing assigned tasks.


A Medical Assistant contributes to successful healthcare services workflow.

Productivity is a key to a smooth business workflow. Knowing our motivations and priorities, we equip ourselves with the right skills and traits to be excellent VMAs for our provider. For only a few months, we have helped our clients with several administrative and customer responsibilities.

What could happen if the provider or the manager in the office still has to handle repetitive inquiries or tasks? Our excellent communication skills come in handy when handling calls. We address patients’ needs especially when they ask about how to retrieve their lab results, what certain medications they need or how do they get to the office. We ask relevant questions and give correct responses like giving them basic health reminders and tips or instructions from the doctor. We also take calls from laboratories that need to verify a patient’s test results. We even call pharmacies to verify if they have the prescriptions of our patients. These repetitive or cyclical tasks are off the hands of our provider, giving her extra time.

We make use of our ability to type with speed and accuracy as we carefully listen to the concerns of new patients during registration. The process is done in a few minutes over the phone. This includes the setting of appointments, advising patients to update health history, insurance, and other necessary information via patient portal prior their appointments while answering their other inquiries at the moment. The staff in the office still have to guide the patient in filling out some documents if not advised.

How patient are we when dealing with angry patients over the phone? We just smile and listen attentively to address their needs. We keep calm, so we are always focused on providing them with their specific needs. We observe proper phone etiquette at all times. How we deal with them over the phone reflects the business’ reputation.

We take the initiative to work our way to provide solutions to problems. For instance, we took care of downloading some documents. We searched through athenahealth O-help (resources page) to successfully upload the document without bothering other staff in the office. Solving a difficult issue or knowing how to do things by ourselves can give our client extra time especially when we have to call the athenahealth CSR.

Our client is also assured that we observe the protocols inclusive in the practice and the rules mandated under HIPPA. That’s why there must be no room for any mistake when transferring patients’ data from zocdoc to athenahealth.

Our provider says, “You are there to help me get organized.” We mitigate our clients’ business workload by organizing her email accounts or business tracker as well. Our skills in writing and researching are also utilized in terms of online marketing such as posting educational topics on Facebook.

Assessing ourselves by going over the list of things we have done for the day, or for the whole week provides us a clear view on our improvement. Knowing the medical-related softwares/ applications means that we continue learning as VMAs. Our improvement contributes to the business’ growth.