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Finding the right insurance provider for your practice can be tricky. Factors such as insurance company policies and reimbursement schemes can hold an influence over your practice and your revenue. As Open Enrollment starts on November, a good thing to consider is changing or updating your insurance providers.

As insurance coverages are subject to changes, it is important for health care providers to inspect their insurance plans thoroughly. Insurance companies update their rules and policies from time to time. Sometimes, certain changes result to limiting health care providers from treating their patients the way they need to, resulting to particular services or treatment may not be covered by new policies.

Health care providers should consider whether their current insurance plans would be beneficial to them and to their patients. The consequences of some insurance policies could result to denying certain patients or failure to provide immediate quality care to its full extent.

Additionally, insurance companies’ reimbursement schemes should allow you to consider working with a different insurance program. Are you receiving your claims timely? Are you being reimbursed enough? What can be troublesome for practitioners is the uncertainty of reimbursement approvals for services rendered. It isn’t impossible to actually not be reimbursed and incur revenue losses. If your current insurance provider doesn’t seem to have efficient reimbursement schemes or inclusive policies, transferring to a different insurance company could be the most viable option for your practice.

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Chikee Tiu

Chikee Tiu

Antoinette Tiu started writing as a student journalist at age 11. Ten years later, she still finds herself at the service of creating meaningful content for her readers. When she isn’t writing, you can find her finishing an oil painting, taking portraits and stories of locals (wherever she may be based), or recreating runway looks on her Instagram.