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Medical practitioners are probably one of the busiest professionals. They need to maximize their time in order to accomplish all the things on their list such as meeting with patients, seeing their progress, and making follow up visits to those who are in the appointment list. Moreover, they still need to do documentation, answer emails and phone calls from other patients as well as manage their calendar. This gives them a really stressful day if you try to figure out, but because a virtual medical assistant is there to the rescue, this is not a problem anymore.

Physicians have been using virtual medical assistant services to free up some of their time. This has helped in making their time more available for patients. Based on researches, in order to grow your client’s trust and loyalty, one should focus on giving them satisfaction. Client satisfaction can be relative, but one thing is constant — giving your time and attention in talking and caring for your clients makes them feel that they are important. With this, a medical virtual assistant is of great help to physicians.

For you to know the tasks to outsource to a medical virtual assistant, here’s a list to guide you:

Medical Virtual Assistant Services:

     General Administrative Tasks

  • Scheduling patients
  • Answering/Screening Phone Calls
  • Making reminders
  • Sending emails
  • Process billings
  • Communictaing information on physician’s behalf
  • Word processing
  • QuickBooks
  • Medical transcription

Social Media Marketing
Medical record Transfer
Medical Data Mining and Analysis
Live Answering Service
Online Medical Data Entry
Website Design
Online Internet Research and Reporting
PowerPoint Presentations
Online Medical Billing/Coding Management
Insurance Claim Processing
There are actually a lot of things that you can outsource to a virtual assistant. Having them around will surely relieve you from a lot of things that give you stress every day.

So, if you think you need some extra hands to handle some administrative work for you, a virtual medical assistant is the right person to call.