The US in 2025: A Revival for the Filipino Nursing Industry?

Rey Palmares
Jun 28, 2018
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Many Filipinos take up nursing as a profession for an opportunity to work abroad. Among other countries through the years, the US has been envisioned as a land of golden opportunity for registered nurses. While the industry has suffered its fair share of collapses, signs point towards a revival in 2025.

Reports by CNN reveal that the aging population in the US will spur a demand for nursing professionals soon. An estimated 2.3-million workers are believed to be required to fill demands for healthcare – about 446,300 of which are home health aides with another 451,000 as nurses and nursing assistants.

But those are just the numbers. Experts believe that the rationale behind filling these vacancies is a prime concern of labor inadequacy for the US. Conditions have been like this for some time and fatigue has already set in for many nurses in understaffed hospitals. These result in poorer quality of work that compromises general hospitals, indirectly society at large.

The account hints that much of the workforce cannot be homegrown in the US. The educational system isn’t producing enough graduates that could possibly fill the order in time. Despite providing for deals such as housing and bonuses, Americans aren’t investing careers into the nursing profession for economic reasons such as poor salaries and a lack of benefits.

As it is, the US is looking to recruit nurses in Puerto Rico and neighboring South American countries. However, consultants and experts are advising retraining to fit these roles instead of manufacturing the needed labor force from scratch to temporarily assuage the growing deficiency.

While it cannot yet be said that these positions will be opened to the international community, Filipinos remain hopeful that nursing may yet revive their dreams of a future abroad. Nurses in the US earn multiples more than nurses in the Philippines. What is considered a relatively low salary for Americans converts to a hefty sum in Philippine peso. There are still dozens of nursing schools crunching out thousands of nursing graduates each year which could faithfully supply the needed manpower.

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