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Patient education is an important factor in improving the quality of your patients’ lives. As medical providers, you need to emphasize the importance of self-management and self-care. Considering the involvement of your medical virtual assistants from the Philippines to promote patient engagement in their healthcare regimen is a brilliant idea.

As medical professionals, you need balance between your time for work and personal life. When you find almost drowning in your workload, your virtual medical assistants are fully committed to mitigate your multiple tasks. You can always tap their professional skills in boosting patient education. Learn how to maximize the roles of your VMAs in the Philippines.

Here are five reasons your VMAs’ involvement is helpful and useful in educating your patient:

Virtual Medical Assistants’ love for work results in a genuine treatment for your patients. Their passion for work drives them to observe work ethics and especially comply with HIPAA and with the policies and procedures of the practice. Not only that, they are naturally genuine in dealing with your patients over the phone. They can easily build rapport with them because your VAs observe proper phone etiquette and stay cordial at all times. VMAs know how to keep your patients happy.

Take advantage of every phone conversation of your VMAs with your patients to promote healthcare. For instance, patients ask about their lab results. With your guidance and training, your VAs can answer your patients’ simple inquiries without interrupting your work. VMAs also put extra care in reviewing the instructions to patients when they call for clarification.

VMAs who are computer savvy can help provide learning materials for your patients’ easy access. Take advantage of your VMAs professional computer skills. They can be very creative at utilizing the internet to find educational resources for your patients. Reviewing the materials and guidelines to know their relevance and reliability is one of the tasks your VMAs can do for you. This is not just about providing easy access to your educational material, but also considering the weight of its content. The content of your practice website, or social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the like should be reviewed by your VAs. They can also do some research on more valuable materials promoting healthcare. They can be shared to your social media sites and practice website upon your approval.

More accessible materials online means greater online visibility. Though it always comes down to this question: Do the materials educate patients and help improve their health status? Let your VMAs go over them for checking. After all, your patients trust you big time to provide credible information.

VMAs care to know how your patients want to learn. Don’t forget to ask your patients how they prefer to learn about their healthcare regimen. Do they want to know every detail of their health condition or just the overview? There are also some patients who want to learn using more complex materials from more advanced research regarding their condition. Your VMAs can find time to ask your patients about learning materials they prefer reading by simply asking what types of reading materials interest them. Sharing updated content from credible sites like UpToDate, which has different types of articles for different types of readers, can be a helpful recommendation.

VMAs unlock technical terms for your patients. You must consider that your patients may not grasp everything you instruct them due to fatigue or emotional distress after having learned about their condition. Addressing patient concerns right away may also require your VMAs to explain the technical terms or jargon used in the medical practice. Your VMAs can give follow-up explanations as needed.

Provide opportunities for your VMAs to learn and understand the different types of health care plans that you have for your patients. As for their professional growth, they become familiar with the types and significance of the medical instructions, appointment reminders, and other health educational materials you provide. There will be less missed appointments or laboratory tests because your VMAs can explain to patients why they have to come for their appointments.

VMAs always stick to your long term goal. Your VMAs’ top priority is to meet your expectations of them. They always strive to contribute to your success. Bridging the gap between you and your patients is what they can offer. Giving your patients clear instructions and lots of support in their healthcare regimen with your VMAs is a good start to engage them in their own treatment. Above all, empower your patients to make decisions for their health plan. They need to realize that their full commitment to their healthcare regimen is a must.

If patients do not understand the health information at hand, they cannot take necessary actions for their health and make appropriate health decisions. Let your VMAs from the Philippines take part in promoting patient education.