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Working at night is not a new concept and it has been practiced in different industries. Healthcare practitioners like nurses and doctors have to work around the clock to make sure that a hospital is in running order. Security guards and military men stay up late to watch over safety and peace. With the boom of the Business Process Outsourcing industry, working graveyard is now the norm for the working class.

Virtual Medical Assistants (VMA) from Xilium work at night in the Philippines. Two such assistants, Jess and Jane, are easy to talk to and with strong work ethics which enhances their competence. Their client is a Nurse Practitioner who specializes on mental healthcare.

Get familiar with a virtual medical assistant’s day through their tasks and routines. Their work includes filtering calls, scheduling appointments and  managing documents. Due to the nature of their work in mental health, they are very careful with what they do to make sure that patients feel safe and taken care of. They strictly follow HIPAA rules, so they are meticulous when it comes to the confidentiality of their patients’ records.

The programs they work with are Vonage for phone calls and PracticeFusion for managing health records online. They would receive around 30-40 calls in one shift.

“It’s not even that much!” Jess laughed, answering a call not less than ten minutes later. The call was brief and direct to the point, she asked important details about the client and assessed their needs.

“Calls aren’t really that long” she assured us, “Especially when a lot of them are inquiry”

Hyacinth, another VMA, works around the same time as Jess and Jane but partnered with a different doctor-client. She shared that she used to take in just as many with a former client, but now, with her new one it’s all about handling emails and case summaries. Data crunching is her daily routine.

She doesn’t handle calls at all. Her job has her receiving health records and paperwork which she has to sift through. She checks for abnormalities in the records and report them to her boss. Other times, the patient gets a checkup or a medical examination that proves there’s nothing wrong with them. These are the reports she files under the patient’s name and call it a day.

At the start of her shift, she starts with over hundreds of emails. She tries her best to get it to zero at the end of the day.

“It’s all chicken” Hyacinth says with a smile- “chicken” is a joke among Filipinos to describe something easy. “I’ve done harder work before”

Comparisons between their working setting and a hospitals were made. Jess, Jane and Hyacinth are all licensed nurses who have had experiences in the hospital before. They already know what it’s like to work on schedules that changed every other week and serving more than two masters. Their experiences as local nurses have made it easy for them to adjust to the demands of their clients. All three agreed that they don’t think they would go back to working at a hospital.

“I also get to use my education” Jess shared. This is a something that is often a gripe among those who worked in the outsourcing industry. “Using our medical knowledge is something that is highly encouraged by the client.”


Note: Names have been changed.

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