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For workers who are now stuck at home (without a commute to set household duties apart from work responsibilities), working hours can pass in a blur. The virtual world may have provided a lot of options for people to feel connected, but many still want the actual interaction and collaboration. Here enters the coworking space or shared workspace: an alternative workplace that can help remote workers thrive and maintain a sense of routine and work-life structure.


Coworking spaces are becoming popular around the globe, especially to those who are continually searching for a workplace apart from home. Shared spaces have a growing reputation among digital nomads like freelancers, remote workers, and entrepreneurs. Independent workers meet personal and professional challenges from time to time. Their seclusion can be an issue, especially for those who work home-based. This model helps reduce isolation since it allows them to work in an office environment surrounded by a group of other professionals.

While coworking space provides a collaborative and interactive work environment, there are critical safety and security considerations. A coworking arrangement, in some way, is a replication of a traditional office. However, because coworking spaces tend to house different networks of independent employees under one roof, security concerns must be taken into account.

Data breaches can be a problem when different organizations share the same internet network or WiFi. For those who handle confidential work, it’s a risk to data breaches and cyber attacks. This also puts businesses that deal with PHI (protected health information) at risk for HIPAA violations. Passwords and client information are classified materials that could be compromised with an unsecured WiFi network and in a station full of strangers.

While a co-working space is a good domain for solo professionals, it presents significant challenges for companies that comply with HIPAA privacy standards. 

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Liezel Porras
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